What is the Borrowing Policy?

The Junior School library borrowing policy is designed to get and keep boys reading! Students are encouraged to borrow at least one fiction and one non fiction book at their reading level, or something to share with their family. The emphasis is always to keep the boys reading. Although keeping track of loans is important, it is borrowing and reading that remains our top priority!


What Type of Books Can I Read/Borrow?

Boys can borrow a combination of non-fiction books, graphic novels, magazines and fiction books. When there is a hot topic of the moment (for example, Lego or Pokemon) we will only let students borrow one book on that topic. This is to ensure everyone gets a chance to read popular books! eBooks are also available for loan via the Junior School Library page. This is a self managed process and more detailed instructions are available here: What is Overdrive and how do I use it?


When Can I Borrow Books?

Boys comes to the library fortnightly, however they are welcome to borrow and return books at any time during the week. eBooks can also be borrowed whenever convenient through the Junior School library page!


How Do I Know When My Book is Overdue?

When the boys come to their fortnightly lesson, they are given an overdue slip and place it in their library bag. Mrs Salt (Junior School Teacher Librarian) will also email parents when books are very overdue. If a boy has a book/s overdue, we will hold any books they wish to borrow until they return the overdue book/s.


Do I Have to Have a Library Bag to Borrow Books?

Library bags are not compulsory. We highly recommended using one to protect library books from being damaged and to avoid any resulting fines. There is a Scotch Library bag available, but any padded or water-resistant bag will do.


Can’t find the answer you were looking for?

Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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