If a guest coming to Scotch College requires WiFi access, they can use the PLCScotch Guest WiFi network for 24 hours. This process can be repeated to connect multiple devices.

For Events, Staff Must Give the Tech Centre Minimum One Week's Notice. Parents, staff and students should not use the PLCScotch Guest WiFi network and instead should use PLCScotch.

Notify the Tech Centre and Include the names of people that require WiFi access. A minimum of One Week's Notice is required. This can be done be emailing or calling extension 866. If your guest requires Out of Hours Access, please include this in your Request.

If you are bringing a small number of guests to the college (not part of an event), please simply call 866 to make the Tech Centre aware of their identity when they arrive.

For advice on how to connect to the PLCScotch Guest WiFi, check the link below.


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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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