At Scotch you can listen to any TV that has an audio stream on your personal device by downloading the app Audio Everywhere . You will be able to listen to any of the individual feeds once the app is installed and you are connected to the PLCScotch Wifi. You currently have access to all of the TVs in the SS Library as well as other content gradually being added across the whole College.


To use Audio Everywhere :

  1. Go to the App Store  or Google Play  and Download Audio Everywhere .

  2. Once it is Installed on your device (and your device is connected to PLCScotch Wifi) open the app.

  3. Open the App and in Target server type in "listen".

  4. Once the Sources are Identified, Click on the Channel to which you wish to listen.

  5. If you want more information on a channel press the Information Icon

  6. Plug in your Headphones and listen to the TV!


Can’t find the answer you were looking for?

Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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