The Tech Centre is Responsible for Collecting Equipment from Exiting Students in the Junior School and the Middle School. When a student leaves Scotch the return of their equipment (i.e. laptop/iPad with the charger and the case) must follow this procedure very closely

Scotch Process:

  1. When admissions is made aware that the student is leaving, they will contact Linda Gauld with the details, including when their last day of school is.
  2. Linda will Send an Email to the Tech Centre with the Details of their Departure. This will appear as a WHS ticket. This ticket should indicate when the student is leaving, and when the Tech Centre should pick up the paperwork. Please note, Linda will contact the parents of the student to explain the process of returning the device.

  3. If the WHD ticket does not include the date that the student is leaving and/or the date when the Tech Centre should pick up the paperwork, please Call Linda on 977 and add this information as a note in the WHD ticket.
  4. On the appointed day, Pick Up the Paperwork from the Tech Centre for Junior School and Middle School Students and store it in the Tech Centrein the JML for the day the student is leaving. Please also add a Note into the Diary for the equipment to be picked up on the student's last day.
  5. Speak to the Student in person during the week to reminded them that they need to return their laptop on their last day. Note is in the WHD ticket so that we do not do this too many times. Offer to Assist the student in Backing Up their data.
  6. On the Student's Last Day Pick Up their Equipment from them and Fill Out the Forms with them. You must:

– Fill out the Asset Number in the appropriate box (if not already filled out)

– Indicate whether the Power Adaptor, and Power Cable have Been Returned

– Carefully Inspect the Exterior of the Laptop for any Damage (such as dents, major scratches, cracked screen) and Note This down in the appropriate place on the form if you find any

– Ask the Student to Sign the Form

Sign the Form as IT Staff

Do this early in the day so that it is not a loose end. 

Return the Equipment and Paperwork to Linda at the End of your Shift.


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