Considerations when writing Year 11 and 12 Examinations


  1. Format the paper in accordance with current Course of Study Practice. The weighting of content should match the syllabus and no content outside the bounds of the syllabus should be examined. The format of external examinations is available in the relevant syllabus document.
  2. When constructing an examination, no more than 20% of any one paper and no public paper that is less than 3 years old should be used.  Where appropriate, 70% of the paper should contain routine questions with 30% requiring higher order thinking. 
  3. All examinations should be 3 hours in length, except for courses with a practical component that require 2.5 hours at the WACE level. Note that Year 11 Semester One examinations may be up to 0.5 hours reduced length.
  4. As far as possible, require candidates to write answers on the question paper or in an answer booklet rather than on separate sheets. This is the practice in external examinations.
  5. Prepare a front cover page that conforms to the relevant Course of Study examination that includes a Scotch Crest. NB: Student “name” and not “number” should be on the front cover page. You may copy the College’s crest from the attached document.
  6. Mark any blank page with the words THIS PAGE HAS BEEN LEFT BLANK INTENTIONALLY.
    Papers should have a total number of pages as a multiple of 4 to have correct booklet printing.
  7. All pages should be correctly numbered, by using footers. Mark the bottom of the last page with the words END OF PAPER. Each question should give the mark allocation and the breakdown of marks where appropriate.


Procedure prior to the commencement of the Examination period


  1. Ask a colleague to proof-read the paper after typing and prior to submitting it to reprographics. Colleagues should be given the exam four weeks prior to the examination period.
  2. Curriculum Leader is given the examination three weeks prior to the exam period for approval.
  3. Exam is submitted to Reprographics with cover instructions 14 days prior to the commencement of the exam period, with a class list attached and any additional material.
  4. The exam must be submitted electronically via email to and cover sheet can be emailed or handed in person.
  5. When the exam proof becomes available, an email is sent to the person overseeing the exam from reprographics.
  6. If changes are needed amend the document title with a version and resubmit.
    eg. exam-title_v2.pdf

  7. Once the overseeing person sights the exam and signs the cover sheet again, the final print will go ahead.
  8. Reprographics takes the exams to the Curriculum Administrators locked cupboard and informs either Petra Turner or Brad Watson that the exam is there.
  9. Two days prior to the exam, the overseeing person sights the final exam, checking that it has been photocopied correctly and the number of exam papers matches the number of students on the class list.  Any accompanying instructions are placed with the class list.  A contact phone number is provided.
  10. On the day of the exam, the person whose details were provided is at the exam, or on call should any issues arise.


The exam submission form can be found in the attached document.


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