Mathspace is an online maths help website that students in years 10-12 can access.

If a student Cannot Access their Account, try the following steps to recover their account.

  1. Check that the student is using their student number email (eg.
  2. Check if the student is New and has Never accessed Mathspace before, it is likely they won't have had an account created for them. In this case, Speak to Dr Nick Spadaccini and he will create one for them.
  3. Ask the student if they have Accessed it before, if they haven't they will have to Find The Email originally sent to them that contains the Temporary Password needed to Login for the first time. If they Cannot find this email, Attached to this FAQ is a spreadsheet containing usernames and temporary passwords. If the entry is blank for a student, they already have an account and should try step 3.
  4. If the student Has Accessed it before and Cannot Remember their Password, simply Navigate to the Login Page and Click Forgot Password and follow the prompts.


Can’t find the answer you were looking for?

Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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