Contact groups are very easy to make and allow you to quickly email a group of people when composing an email.

  1. Open Outlook  and select New Items > Group.

  2. Enter a Name for the new Contact Group. This name is important as it is used to add the group to a new email. This will automatically create a group email as well. This email address can be used to send everyone in the group an email. 
    1. Set the Privacy as either Public (anyone at PLC can see group content) or Private (only group members can see group content). 

  3. Enter the Names and Email Addresses of the people that you wish to add to the group. (NB – when adding the name of a student or staff member Outlook  may autocomplete the email address for you). Then click Create.
  4. When composing an email Type the Name of the Group into the address field to send the email to that group.


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