To transfer data from your GoPro to your Computer:

  1. Turn On your GoPro and connect it to your Computer via a Micro USB Data cable. The Micro USB Port is located on the right hand side of the GoPro next to the microSD card location. You will need to make sure that you use a data cable rather than a charging cable. 
    • Data cables have dual power capacitors on the cable. 
    • Data cable's are also generally thicker than charging cables. 
    • If your data is not being transferred; be sure to check if the cable is a data cable and the port you have connected the cable to is correct.
  2. On your Mac, open up Image Capture  from the Applications Folder.
  3. Under the Devices tab; select the GoPro that you have connected.
  4. You will have all the Footage that you have recorded listed. Be sure to select all the clips that you would like to import. The selected clips will be highlighted Blue.
  5. In the Import To area, make sure you are saving the files to your preferred location. To change it, select the drop down box and choose a new location.
  6. Now click Import. This will begin the importing process.
  7. Green Ticks signal when the Import is Complete.
  8. Navigate your way to the imported footage. It is now ready to be viewed and edited if need be.


Please refer to THIS link from the official GoPro website which outlines the importing process via GoPro Studio, among other methods.

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