Finder  is a quick and easy tool for importing footage from your Camera. This bypasses the use of any software such as QuickTime Player  or Image Capture  that may extend the process. This FAQ details the process specific to Sony cameras and AVCHD footage. (Canon cameras have a different folder structure.)

  1. Connect your camera to your computer by:
    • Connecting via a Micro USB Cable
    • Inserting the SD Card into the Computer or an SD Card Reader.
  2. In the Finder Sidebar navigate to the Camera, it is often simply called NO NAME.

  3. Right Click on AVCHD and click Show Package Contents.

  4. Right Click on BDMV and again select Show Package Contents.

  5. Select the STREAM folder. Here you will find your video files. They each finish with a .MTS extension.

  6. Select the Clips that you would like and Copy and Drag them into a new Location. This will begin the Copying Process. Once complete, you will have successfully imported your footage from your camera into your computer. You are now able to eject your camera.

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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