How do I import videos from a Canon camcorder?


It can appear confusing to import media from a Canon Camcorder, unless you have specialist software, however there are two easy processes that you can follow to save all of the videos that you have taken to your computer. 


If importing a small number of files:

  1. Plug the Camera into the Computer with the built in MiniUSB cable. 

  2. Open the NO NAME drive that appears on your desktop.

  3. Open the camera's media file AVCHD in Quicktime .
  4. Select the clips that you need to import and press Ok.

  5. Save each video file to your computer (using either File > Save or Command+S).


If importing a large number of clips:

  1. Plug your camcorder into your computer using the USB cable (in many cases attached to the body of the camera).

  2. On the touch screen, select USB Connect. 

  3. Two drives should appear on your computer (their default names are PMHOME & NO NAME). Open NO NAME.

  4. Right click on the file AVCHD and select Show Package Contents.

  5. Now, right click on the file BDMV and select Show Package Contents.

  6. Open the Stream folder.

  7. Drag the Media Files onto your Desktop to save them to your computer.