The ActivInspire  software, which is used in conjunction with the Promethean Smart TVs in the Junior School, does not come with Australian resource packs pre-installed. This does not mean that they are unavailable, however - they have been downloaded and placed in a folder on the Staff Shared drive for convenient location. These packs include essentials like Maps, Currency, and Buildings.


In order to use these resource packs with your Promethean Smart TV, you will need to Import them into your ActivInspire  software on your laptop. You will then be able to locate the packs within My Resources and use the images as needed.


  1. First you will need to open the Staff Shared Drive via Nomad  by clicking on theand selecting Department Shares, then Staff Shared.

  2. Open the ActivInspire  software, and go to File > Import > Resource Pack to My Resources.

  3. Navigate to SCTDATA02 > Staff Shared > Library > ActivInspire Resource Packs.

  4. Select the resource pack you would like to import, and click Open. It will take a minute or two to Index, depending on the size of the pack.

  5. You can now navigate to My Resources within ActivInspire  to see and use your new resources.

That's it! You can only import one pack at a time, so repeat these instructions for each pack you want to use.


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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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