Some versions of Spotify  may have a bug that causes the app to write very large amounts of data to your computer's hard drive. This causes your Computer to Run Slowly and can Reduce the Lifespan of the SSD in your Mac. We recommend that you uninstall Spotify  if you do not have Spotify 1.0.42 or later.


How do I check what version of Spotify I have?

  1. Open Spotify .
  2. In the Menu Bar Open Spotify > About Spotify.

  3. The About Window of Spotify  will open and show you the Version Number.


What do I do if my Spotify Version is before 1.0.42?

If you Spotify  version is Below 1.0.42 you must either Update or Uninstall Spotify . Spotify  are running a gradual rollout of 1.0.42 and all users may not have the option to update.


If you have the option to update:

  1. Press Click Here to Download to download the new version of Spotify .

  2. Spotify  will then download and install the new version. When this process has completed you will be prompted to Restart Spotify .


If you do not have the option to upgrade:

  1. Uninstall Spotify  by Dragging the Spotify  Icon in you Applications folder to the Trash .

  2. Until you have access to 1.0.42 you can use the Spotify  Web Player at When you have access to 1.0.42 you can download and install this version of Spotify .


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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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