It is possible to set up iCloud  on your iPhone/iPad at school, however we Suggest that you complete this process at Home. This is because the PLCScotch network has extra filtering processes, meaning that it can sometimes be difficult and time consuming to set iCloud  up at school.

Once you have set up and signed into your iCloud  account it will function normally at school. Only the set up/sign in processes are affected.


To set up iCloud  on your iPhone/iPad, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open Settings .
  2. Click on the Apple ID at the top of settings.

  3. Enter your Apple ID and Password to login to your iCloud Account.

  4. Click on iCloud  
  5. You can then set the items you wish to Back Up by operating the Slide Bar to the Right.

  6. To manage your iCloud  storage and see the individual application breakdown, click Manage Storage. 

  7. Here you can view your storage breakdown and your storage plan. Apple offers you a Free 5GB worth of storage however you may wish to purchase more. This can be done by clicking Change Storage Plan.

For extra information regarding the process please refer to Apple's Official Setup Process.


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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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