The best way to create a fillable form is to create the form in Word  (or have an already prepared PDF) and then Open it in Adobe Acrobat DC  and select the Form option.


  1. Create your form in Word  or ensure that you have an already prepared form (PDF).
  2. Open Adobe Acrobat DC , this can be downloaded from Self Service .
  3. You will be greeted by a similar looking screen. Click on Tools.

  4. Then either scroll down, or select Prepare Form on the right-hand menu bar.

  5. Click Select a File or Scan a Document. In this example we are Selecting a File.

  6. Choose the File you wish to use.

  7. The file you have selected should appear as an example icon. Select Start.

  8. The form will Automatically Detect fields, however you can also Manually Add them by clicking on the Text Box Button.

  9. You can then select where you would like the text box to sit on the page. You can Edit the Display Fields by Double Clicking on their Titles in the Right-Hand Menu.

  10. To Edit the text field Properties double click on the text box. The most important feature is under the Options tab. You may wish to Tick the Multi-line Box so that the text can fill a box rather than being one continuous line.


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