What do I do if my printer is not working at Scotch?


Sometimes when you print, a message will display saying that your software is not up to date and you need you contact your manufacturer. This does not actually affect the printing process, so your printing will go through regardless.


Alternatively, if you computer does not display this message, or your printing is still not working, the best thing to do is check that you have the correct printers installed. This is the most common issue that 1 Degree encounters.

  1. Open System Preferences  and click on Printers & Scanners.

  2. Make sure that you have the Correct Printers Installed. They should be Scotch_Black and Scotch_Colour for Scotch Students and PLC Black and PLC Colour for PLC Students. Both should have a  icon, if it is not this icon, it is not the correct printer.

  3. If the correct printers are not installed, you will need to Remove them.
  4. To Remove the Printers, first click the Lock Button in the bottom left-hand corner of the window.

  5. You will need to enter your Username and Password.

  6. Select the Printers you wish to Remove and click the – Button. You will need to delete both the Black and Colour printer.

  7. Confirm that you want to delete the printer by Clicking Delete Printer.

  8. You will then need to go to Self Service  and Download the correct printers. They are both installed in the one package labelled Scotch Black and Colour.

  9. Scotch Black and Colour should now be installed - you will need to select them from the Drop Down Printing Menu when you wish to print something. 


If you are still having printing issues please don't hesitate to get in contact with 1Degree Scotch or 1Degree PLC