How do I change my OneNote account email?


If you created a Personal OneNote  Account using your School Email you will have to rename this account as PLC and Scotch shift to having Enterprise OneNote  accounts. You need to do this so that you do not lose any notebooks that you have created using your personal account. This can be done through Microsoft's web interface by Associating your Personal Account with Another Email Address.


  1. Go to
  2. Login with your Scotch or PLC Email Address

  3. Click Manage How You Sign In to Microsoft

  4. Click Add Email

  5. Check Add an Existing Email and enter a Personal Email that is not already associated with this account. Then press Add Alias.

  6. Once you have returned to the accounts page, Press Verify next to the email you have just added. Log into your email and follow the appropriate link to Verify the Account. 

  7. On the Microsoft Accounts website, Press Make Primary again next to the new email address.

  8. Remove the Old Email Address when you are satisfied that the new email address is now the primary email.


NB – Check Your Emails on Both of these Email Addresses as you may need to Verify Some Changes using Both Email Addresses.