Vodcasts are essentially real-time video lessons, and are a extremely useful tool for working through problems/questions with your students at home. For the best results, a device like the iPad Pro is recommended, however you are able to record using any iOS Device.


Explain Everything is an iPad application specifically designed for Recording Vodcasts. With the ability to annotate over PDF's using a wide variety of illustrative tools, this app is perfect if you're looking to create engaging lessons for your students to enjoy. 


This guide will run you through all the basics, covering all the Key Elements of the application, and it's integration with current Scotch services such as WebDAV.


Connecting to the WebDAV Server:


  1. Launch Explain Everything. Click on the Settings Icon in the top right hand corner, then Select the Accounts Tab.

  2. Slide the WebDAV setting to ON. This should launch a Login page.

  3. Log In to the WebDAV Server using the following details:
    Port: 443
    Login: Scotch UID and Password


Recording and Exporting Vodcasts:


  1. To Record a new Vodcast from a blank page, just click the + Icon (top right of screen).
  2. You can also Import a document to work over. To import from the WebDAV Server, click the Import Icon (pictured below).

  3. Select WebDAV, then import your document to annotate/record through the app.

  4. Explain Everything gives you the ability to customise pens, colours, shapes, strokes, and much more, allowing for a personalised and engaging lesson.

  5. To begin recording, Click the Record Button towards the bottom of the screen.

  6. Once you have finished your Vodcast, just click the Record Button again.


Exporting a Vodcast to WebDAV:


  1. Once you are ready to export your Vodcast back to Staff Shared, click the Export Button at the bottom right hand side of the screen. NOTE: You may be prompted to Save the project first.

  2. Then select WebDAV, and export as a Video.

  3. You will then be prompted to Name your video, then save it.


Accessing the Video from your Computer:


  1. You can access your Vodcasts through Staff Shared: Staff Shared > Vodcasts > Department Folder.


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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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