How do I use the photo and slide scanner at Scotch?


The Multi-Function Combo Scanner (Film/Photos/Slide Scanner) allows you to Scan Old Film, Photos and Slides in the machine. This will digitize these resources as .jpg files for you to use on your computer and other digital devices. The scanner scans at 14 MP and can provide resolutions up to 5632 × 4016.


Setting up the Scanner

  1. Ensure that there is an SD card inserted in the SD card slot.

  2. Plug the Scanner into Your Computer using a MicroUSB to USB Cable (provided in the box). Alternatively, you can also plug it into a 5V USB power supply (e.g. a phone charger), as the USB connection is only needed to supply the machine with power.

  3. Press the Power Button to turn the scanner on.


Scanning Photos

  1. Ensure that the scanner is set to Photo Mode using the slider above the control panel.

  2. Using the Enter Button on the panel, select Capture.

  3. Open the lid of the scanner, and place the photo face down on the glass. Position the photo so that it appears straight on the screen.

  4. Close the lid of the scanner and Press Scan, then Press Enter on the control panel to save the image.


Scanning Film and Slides

  1. Ensure that the scanner is set to Film using the slider above the control panel.

  2. Using the Enter Button on the panel, select Capture.

  3. Open the Slide Rack, insert the slide, and close it. There are separate slide racks provided for 135 Positives, 135 Negatives, and 110 Film.

  4. Slowly Insert the Slide Rack into the Machine, lining up the arrows, until the Picture on the Screen Shows the First Slide that you would like to scan.

  5. Press the Scan Button on the control panel, then press the Enter Button to scan the image.


Importing the Images to Your Computer

  1. Using the arrow keys, navigate to the USB MSDC setting on the Scanner Menu and Press Enter.

  2. Open Photos  on your Mac.
  3. Select the Photos that you wish to import, and press Import these Photos.


Alternatively, you can remove the SD card from the machine, and insert it into your computer to import the images.