The Scotch Library has a Video Converter that you can use to create Digital Files of your Old Analog Recordings, such as VHS tapes. You can borrow a video player with the converter if you wish.


Please be Aware that this is a Time Consuming Process, and will take the full playback time of the tape to record it. Once it has imported the file will have to be compressed, which will take a further 50 minutes per hour of footage.


  1. Plug the Red, White, and Yellow AV cables from your source (usually a video player) Into the Video Converter. Plug the video converter USB into the Computer.

  2. Enable Caffeine ​ on your computer. Find out more about Caffeine​ here.
  3. Open Video Glide Capture If you do not have it, you will need to Download it and get the Serial Number  from 1Degree.
  4. Insert the VHS tape into the Player, and Rewind the Video. (If using another source type, get the source ready to play).

  5. Ensure that "Record Video" and "Record Audio" are Ticked in the Record menu.

  6. Select Record > Record Duration

  7. Insert a Time slightly longer than the length of the video and Press Okay

  8. Type in a Name for the file

  9. Press Play on the Video Player (or other source)

  10. Click Save on the window on the computer.

  11. The video will now appear on the screen with a timer counting down to the end of the recording. Check on this Regularly to make sure nothing goes wrong.

  12. When the video is finished the file will be saved, however it will be very large file. Use Handbrake  to Compress this File. You can find out how to do this Here.

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