How do I purchase my OfficeMax eBooks textbooks at PLC?


​To purchase your daughters eBooks that she will need for school:

  1. Locate them on School Booklist (OfficeMax Schools Requirements List). 
  2. When you order the books, make sure that you use your child's school domain email address (e.g. This can be supplied at a later time if need be.
  3. Once you have purchased your daughters eBooks through OfficeMax Schools, you will receive an order Confirmation to the email address supplied in Step 2. This email account is the one to which the books are linked. 
  4. An Activation Email containing instructions for your eBooks will follow within 2 business days of purchase. Once all required information has been received, enter it into the OfficeMax eBooks  app.
  5. Please note: If the student's school domain email was not included when ordered or updated via the link in the confirmation email, the order and activation will be on hold until it is provided.