Are laptops insured by PLC?

Yes. We use a combination of third party insurance and self-insurance. Insurance coverage is anywhere in Australia.


Can we insure the laptops for overseas travel?

We actively discourage laptops being taken overseas and primarily this will be at the full financial risk of the family, unless arrangements are made with the Director of Finance & Corporate Services. Specific insurance may be arranged for PLC sanctioned and/or organised overseas travel. This will be assessed on a case by case basis by the Director of Finance & Corporate Services.


What is the basic excess?

The basic excess is $300 (inc-GST) for third party insurance. Separate damaged components will only be aggregated if the damage was caused at the same time by the same loss event. Damage to separate components in separate events will attract a separate charge. Specific conditions are in place for items covered by self-insurance and therefore is no basic excess (refer below).


What items are self-insured and why?

Damage to display screens and damage caused by liquid spills are self-insured because PLC is unable to obtain competitive premiums to cover these types of events.


How does self-insurance work?

Display Screens:

  1. 1st screen damage is charged at $300
  2. Subsequent screen damage at screen replacement cost

Liquid / Food Spills:

  1. 1st liquid / food spill damage is charged at 50% of the replacement cost
  2. 2nd liquid / food spill damage is charged at full replacement cost


Is there any way to reduce the costs associated with damage to display screens or liquid / food spills?

You may be able to reduce the higher costs associated with display screen damage or liquid / food spills by contacting your insurance provider. Be sure to explain to your insurer that although do not own the laptop you are financial responsible for maintaining it.

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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