How do I login to my OfficeMax ebooks?


To login to your OfficeMax ebooks, follow this series of steps.

  1. ​Open the OMX EBooks App .
  2. Enter in your Pearson Username (unless you know otherwise, it should be your student number followed by - Note the 'S' at the end of students e.g. 
  3. Use the information sent to you in your order confirmation from Office Max when you purchased your eBooks. 
    -If you have lost the email, select the forgot password option and an e-mail containing your Pearson password should be sent to your normal school e-mail account.
  4. Once logged in, go to the Cogwheel Icon  located in the bottom left hand corner - make sure the word Deactivate is appearing, Not Activate.

    -If activate is appearing, it means your account is currently deactivated. Select activate if it is appearing for ​you, and use your credentials to activate your account.
  5. Back at the main menu, select My Interactive Pearson. Use your Username and Password (e-mailed to you earlier) to log in. This should take you to the Pearson's interactive page so you can access your interactive eBooks!

    -A final tip, if you hold right click on the title that's having issues and then release, this will allow you to reset the information if it fails to load with the correct login details.