How do I use the CISCO phones at PLC and Scotch?


The CISCO phones at PLC and Scotch have a range of assistive functions that are helpful to know.

  • To Place a Call lift the Handset, or type the number or extension directly into the Keypad
  • To Redial a Number press the Redial softkey located on the lower section of the screen.
  • To Transfer a Call to a new number press enter the Number and then Wait for the person you are transfering the call to to pick up, let them know what the call is in regards to and then press the  button again. 
  • Press  and then hang up the Handset to switch between Handset to Speaker during a call.
  • Pick up the Handset to Switch Between Speaker and Handset during a call. 
  • Press  to Mute or Un-mute your phone.
  • To Silence the Ring of an incoming call, press the Volume Button down once. The volume button can also be used to Increase or Decrease the volume of your ringtone.
  • Press to place a call on Hold.
  • Press to end a call, or simply place the Handset back down into the cradle.
  • This icon on the screen indicates a Missed Call .
  • This icon indicates a message waiting .