If you are a guest at Scotch or PLC and require WiFi access, you can use the PLCScotch Guest WiFi network. A registered guest will have access to the network for 24 hours. This process can be repeated to connect multiple devices.

Please Note: 

  • Parents, staff and students Should Not use the PLCScotch Guest WiFi network. Parents, staff and students should instead use PLCScotch and login with their UID and Password
  • If a guest coming to Scotch or PLC requires WiFi access, they can use the PLCScotch Guest WiFi network for 24 hours. This login can be repeated to connect multiple devices.
  • For Events, staff Must give the Tech Centre a Minimum of One Week Notice. 
  • When notifying the Tech Centre include the names of the people that require access. This can be done by emailing when the event is at PLC or when the event is at Scotch.
  • You can only connect for the first time during office hours (8am - 4:30pm). For out of hours requests please ensure that the Tech Centre has been notified. 
  1. Please be aware that the Scotch/PLC staff member you are visiting is required to notify the Tech Centre of your requirement of the guest network. Please verify this before continuing. 
  2. When you arrive, connect your desired device to the PLCScotch Guest WiFi network.
  3. A dialog box should appear. Click Don't Have an Account? at the bottom of the box.
    You may need to open a browser window to make this dialog box appear.

  4. You will need to enter your details on the following page, including your First and Last Name, Email Address, and Phone Number, as well as the Email Address and Name of the person you are visiting. When you have done this, click the Register button.

  5. Provided your Scotch or PLC representative has notified the Tech Centre of your request (and it is approved), you will receive an SMS and email with your Username and Password, to the details that you provided when registering. The email should look similar to the screenshots below.

  6. You should now be returned to the original dialog box. Enter your Username and Password and click Sign On.

  7. You will need to Accept the Acceptable Use Policy before being granted access.

  8. You should now be redirected to the Scotch College or PLC homepage. If this loads successfully then you're good to go! Click Done and you can now use your regular web browser as per normal.

  9. If you still do not have an active internet connection after five minutes please Disconnect from the network and repeat the process.


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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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