Uploading video content to ClickView Online  is a simple process that lets you easily share and create interactive content from the uploaded media, by using a feature known as Workspace. 

PLC Staff, please contact Doug de Cock before using Clickview !!!


  1. Log into ClickView Online .
  2. Navigate and select the Workspace tab at the top section.

  3. Click on the orange Upload a Video box on the top left.

  4. You are now in the Upload Window. From here you can click the Select a Video File box to locate the video you would like to upload. Alternatively, you may Drag and Drop video files into this window to prime it for upload.

  5. Please fill in the Title and Description areas with relevant information and then give the video a Rating. Now you have to wait for the video to Finish Uploading.

  6. Once it has finished, you may press Submit.  You will now have to wait approximately 5-20 minutes for the video to finish processing after it has uploaded.

  7. Once the video is 'Finished Processing' the next step is to transfer the video onto the Library Server. To do this you need to go; Options and select the Add to your Library function.

  8. Inside Push to Publisher you are able to add a message description for the publisher. Once complete; click Push to my Publisher.  The publisher will then publish the videos into the appropriate categories on the ClickView Online  website after they have been Approved. Please allow approximately 24 hours for this process to be completed. If your video is still not available after 24 hours, please contact the Library Staff.


Can’t find the answer you were looking for?

Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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