How can I submit an assessment through WISP?


WISP is a Web Integrated Submission Platform that allows you to create and submit work for marking. It is a more interactive form of assessment submission that allows you to attach digital media and obtain instant and interactive feedback from your teacher.

Please Note: In order for you to create and submit a WISP Assessment; your teacher needs to ensure that the assessment is WISP Enabled. If you are unable to create a WISP assessment from a scheduled assessment, check in with your teacher.

  1. Log Into SEQTA for Students / SEQTA Learn (Student)
  2. Select Assessments from the left hand side menu.

  3. Select your Class.

  4. Click on the WISP icon on the specified assessment.

  5. Inside the Manage WISP Editor, you are able to write your assessment and attach digital media.

  6. To Insert an Online Video, Select INSERT... and from the dropdown box click Hyperlink.

  7. Copy and Paste the URL for your online video into the Insert Hyperlink Window, then choose a title as the 'Link Text'.

  8. To Attach A Document/PDF to your assessment, select INSERT... and then Resource.

  9. Select Add Files and then specify where your resource is located. Whether that be on your computer's hard drive or on your SEQTA.

  10. Locate Your Document and then click Choose.

  11. Once you have completed your assessment, click SAVE. 


Your teacher will now have access to your assessment.