Signing up for an AutoDesk Account

To download and install Fusion 360 ​ you will need to sign up for an AutoDesk Account and then download the app from the Fusion 360  webpage or through through Self Service . An Active AutoDesk account is required before Fusion 360  can be used.

  1. Go to this web page Here and click Create Account.

  2. Fill out the form that pops up. Ensure you select Student.

  3. Create your account by filling out the form with your relevant details. make sure you use your Scotch Email. Click Create Account, once you are done. 

  4. You should get an Email from Autodesk, you will just need to Click the link provided.
  5. A page should open on your default web browser indicating that you have successfully verified your account. Click Done.
  6. A Form Should Open on your default web browser, Select the correct Region (Australia) . Then choose your Educational Role (i.e Student) Click Next.

  7. A New Page will appear Fill Out The Form. Make sure you select the correct Scotch College (i.e. Scotch College, Perth WA). Choose "Other" as the area of study. Enrolled from Date is the date you started your class that requires  Fusion 360 . The Graduate in Date is 4 years from the day you started. (ie. Enrolled From: Feb 2020. Enrolled to: Dec 2024).

Downloading Fusion 360

  1. A new page will open that lets you know your account has been set. Click Continue, then it will redirect you to the page shown below. Click Get Access to Fusion 360, then click where indicated, underneath Download the Software.
  2. This will open a DMG, which you will need to open. Once open, you should see the window below. Right Click on the icon, then select Open.

  3. IF YOU CANNOT DOWNLOAD FUSION 360, you can install Fusion 360  through Self Service 
  4. This will begin the installation, which may take some time. Once it has completed it will ask you to sign in using your Email, then your Password. Do this, and you should have access to Fusion 360 . If you still have any difficulties, you can contact 1Degree

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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