Carousels can be used to display a rotating set of book covers on the library OPAC page.


To create the list of books to display:

  1. Log into the Oliver Oliver logo OPAC
  2. Click on the ‘Management’ button
  3. Click on ‘Cataloguing'
  4. Click on 'Resources'
  5. Click on the 'Resources' drop down menu on the right
  6. Select 'Multi-barcode Search'
  7. Wand book barcodes
  8. Click on the 'Resources' drop down menu on the right
  9. Select 'Manage Authorities'
  10. Complete the following:
    1. Authority List=List
    2. Authority Term=Type in the start of an existing list title and select from the list that appears, or create a new one
    3. If it’s a list you only want to use for a short period of time (ie. New Books 8 Mar 2017), set an expiry date so that it drops off the system
  11. Click the ‘Save’ button


You can also add books individually to a list when searching or cataloguing by following step 8 onwards.

To create the carousel:

  1. Open the Oliver OPAC
  2. Click ‘Add Information Box
  3. Give the box a title (ie. New Books)
  4. Complete the following:
    1. Link Type=Carousel
    2. Search Type=Reading list
    3. Search Restriction=name of the list you created (ie. New Books 8 Mar 2017)
    4. Column and Row fields can be used to place the box in a specific place if you want to
  5. Cilck the 'Save' button

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