Reading recommendation lists can be created and emailed to specific students through the Oliver OPAC:

  1. Log into the Oliver Oliver logo OPAC
  2. Search for a book that you want to recommend
  3. If you are in the tile view, click ‘Select’ next to the chosen book cover; if you are in the list view, tick the box next to the chosen book cover
  4. Click ‘View’ (button with the eye)
  5. Repeat the search, select and view steps to add additional books to your catalogue
  6. When your list is complete click on the ‘Email’ button
  7. Enter the student’s email address (you can add more than one email address by separating them with a semi-colon)
  8. Change the subject to ‘Recommended Reading’ or something similar
  9. Edit the first sentence of the message if you want to make it more personal
  10. Click ‘Save’ and the email will be sent
  11. To clear the selected results, click on the ‘Empty My Catalogue’ button

NB: In Orbit, only one resource can be emailed at a time by clicking on a title in the search results

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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