To staple documents using the Kyocera Multifunction PLC printers there is a simple series of steps which students and teachers can follow.

  • Note that only the Kyocera Multifunction Printer can staple documents. This printer can be identified by the printer's Side Compartment.

  • ​There are two ways to perform the stapling function on these printers. This is the first way, using the onscreen touchpad.
  1. Log into the PLC printer using your PLC User ID.
  2. Load your documents into the printer's top tray.

  3. Select Device Functions.

  4. Select Org./Paper/Finishing and then select Staple.

  5. Select the Staple type for where to staple the document (e.g. Top Left) and then select Ok.

  6. Select the number of Copies you would like by pressing the Copies section onscreen and using the Touch Keypad. 

  7. Ensure that the Staple function is selected and then select Start to staple your document(s).

The second way using the Kyocera Multifunction Printer's physical, staple buttons.

  1. Log into the PLC printer using your PLC User ID.

  2. Load the documents you would like to staple into the printer's side tray.

  3. Locate the staple buttons on the side of the printer. Please note that the cover may be concealing these buttons.

  4. The green coloured light will indicate which of the stapling options is selected.

  5. Click the Circular Arrow to cycle this green light and determine your desired staple option.

  6. Click the green Staple Button and your documents will be stapled accordingly.


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