How do I change my PLC password?


Changing your password is a necessary step in order to protect your  account and security. 

  1. Go to your Application folder and run the PLCScotch Change Password application  and follow the simple on screen steps. 
    If you don’t have the Application in your folder please contact the Tech Centre (469).

  2. Password requirements mean your password MUST contain at least 8 characters, an upper case letter and at least one number.
  3. Please DO NOT write your password down.
  4. You will need to restart your laptop/desktop once you have changed your password.
  5. If you have saved your password in any internet browser - you will need to update as you login to the site. e.g. TA
  6. You must do this at school.


Some programs will require you to re-enter your new password such as Outlook loginTA/SEQTA Login Synergetic Login  and ComplispaceRemote Desktop  will require you to manually change your password.

If you need assistance with changing your password please email or visit the Tech Centre.