If a student's laptop sustains substantial damage, they will need to submit an insurance claim. This occurs when the damage to the laptop will cost over $300. Use your best judgment to decide whether you think the students needs to fill out a form. 

Situations that DO need an insurance claim: Situations that DO NOT need an insurance claim:
  • Broken screens
  • Water damage
  • Sound not working
  • WiFi not working
  • Software issues
  • Minor scratches or superficial dents
  • Missing keys
  • "Pushed-in" track pads


In the Senior School, the student will simply be given an insurance form to fill out.

In the Junior School and Middle School, the Tech Centre staff must give the student an envelope containing an insurance form.

  1. Write the Date and the Web Help Desk  ticket number on the envelope. 
  2. Give the student the Envelope and ask them to Pass It Onto Their Parent/Guardian.
  3. Reassuringly Answer Any Questions that the student has. You do not need to explain the charging and insurance system if they do not ask, this may upset the student.

If you notice that the Stock of Envelopes is Low, please contact Linda Gauld in the Tech Centre.

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