Why is my OneNote not syncing?


OneNote  may be experiencing difficulties if your Notebooks are not syncing. To fix this you will have to close OneNote  and exit the web interface.


  1. Update OneNote  to the latest version. To do so, follow this guide: What should I do if my Microsoft Applications are playing up?
  2. Ensure you have Installed All Available Updates for your Mac.
    If you are unsure how, refer to the following guide: How do I run updates on my Mac at Scotch?
  3. If a OneNote  Notebook is not syncing, Right Click (Control-Click) on the affected Notebook.

  4. Click Close This Notebook.

  5. Open a web browser, and go to home.Scotch or Home.PLC Then, at the top click Student.

  6. Click on Office 365.

  7. Click on OneNote.

  8. Click on the Notebook that was having difficulty syncing.

  9. Then you should be in your Notebook. Simply click on Open in Desktop.

  10. This message will appear. Wait for it to open in your desktop application.


Still didn't work? Try this.

If this still didn't solve your issue you may have to reset your Office Keychain, in Keychain Access.

  1. Right click on the affected Notebook, then click Close this Notebook.

  2. Close the application. At the top click OneNote , then click Quit OneNote.

  3. Open Word  and click File, then Sign Out.

  4. Open Keychain Access using the Spotlight search feature (press spacebar and command).

  5.  Search for Office in Keychain Access and delete the all keychain entries that look like the ones in the screenshot below, (don’t delete any with “Exchange” in them).

  6. Open Word  and sign back in to Office 365 .

  7. Go to the Student area of home.Scotch or Home.PLC

  8. Click on OneNote , or if you can see the Notebook you want to open in your Recents, click on that. If you click on the Notebook directly skip to Step 10.

  9. Open the Notebook in recents or click on My Notebooks.

  10. Then just click Open in Desktop, or if this option is not there, click Edit in OneNote Desktop.

  11. Once it has opened in your desktop, you should be able to work normally.

    If you are still having problems syncing your OneNote  Notebooks, please Visit 1 Degree.