How do I update my Office 2016 Suite?


At times if your Microsoft Office is not up to date your software may cause small, yet frustrating issues.


To update the Microsoft Office 2016 Suite:

  1. Open any Office application (Word , Outlook , Excel , OneNote , PowerPoint ).
  2. On your toolbar at the top of the screen select Help and then Check for Updates.


  3. On the Microsoft AutoUpdate pop up window, select Open.

  4. Microsoft AutoUpdate will then ask 'How would you like your updates to be installed?'. Select Automatically Check and then Check for Updates.

  5.  Please take note of the Name of the update/s. If it shows AutoUpdate, shown on the left below, continue the steps as shown.

    If it shows a List of Possible Updates, shown on the right, please skip to step 7.
  6. Wait for the AutoUpdate to finish updating, then click Done

  7. Then another window should re-open that has the List of Possible Updates. Click Install.

  8. Wait for the updates to finish, then click Done

    If you are unable to install the updates please come in and visit us at 1 Degree and we will be happy to help