What applications are available in Office 365?


There are a multitude of Applications available to you with the Office 365 Suite. The main function of these applications are described below:​

  1.  OneNote: Capture, Organise, Share.
    • From notes, to maps, to videos, to to-do lists; OneNote can be used to Share, Collaborate, and easily Access work anywhere, anytime. 
    • OneNote can be used to share Worksheets, Notes, Images and Lists with students. Use it as a collaborative space for notes or for capturing images for use in lessons.
  2.  Class Notebook: Set up a personal, collaborative Workspace for every student.
    • Create a Content Library for handouts and a Collaboration Space for lessons and creative activities. 
    • Add students to a shared notebook to allow for differentiated instruction, content delivery, and a collaborative digital space. Students can work together while teachers provide real-time feedback where appropriate.

  3. ​ OneDrive: The Microsoft 'Cloud'.
    • OneDrive can be used to Backup data for access on multiple devices, to Upload and Download files, and to Share selected files publicly, or with specific people. 
    • Use OneDrive to share and upload files with your class, backup your most important work, and be able to access your uploaded files anywhere, anytime.

  4.  Word: The same Word you've always used, now available Online.
    • Word can be accessed by you, or anyone that you have shared your documents with anytime, anywhere. 
    • Creating high quality documents, tables, and graphs, as well as being able to create mail merge documents to send out personalised letters in bulk.

  5.  PowerPoint: Create interactive Presentations.
    • Create PowerPoint presentations containing text, pictures, animations, hyperlinks, audio and embedded video.
    •  PowerPoint enables students to construct creative and engaging presentations for Projects, Assignments and Speeches.

  6.  Excel: More than just data tables.
    • With in-built equations, charts and templates, Excel can also be used for Displaying Data. It can also be used to make flashcards, to do lists and timelines. 
  7.  Forms: Create custom quizzes, surveys, questionnaires and registrations.
    • Forms also enables you to add photos, pictures, logos and videos.
    •  Create Quizzes to reinforce the learning experience, and use built-in analytics to evaluate Responses. Form data, such as quiz results, can be easily exported to Excel for additional analysis or grading
  8.  VideoPost and View videos within the PLC community.
    • Video is a Web Portal that allows you to make channels so that more specific groups of people can view certain channels. Once uploaded, the video is displayed as a thumbnail for easy organisation.
    • Video can be used for Uploading recordings. Create Channels for specific subjects, departments or year groups. This could be a great method of Sharing video help for any subject. 
  9.  Planner: Organise Teamwork.
    • Planner is a simple and highly visual way that allows you to Organise projects, share files, assign tasks, and chat with other collaborators.
    •  Manage student projects and activities. Brainstorm new ideas, track school projects, organise for interviews.

  10.  Yammer: Private and secure Collaboration Workspace.
    • Yammer is used to Chat and discuss individually or in groups as well as Edit Documents in the Office suite. Through Yammer you can create Groups within your organisation, as well as share files and communicate with everyone in your community. Give group members access to edit documents, all in real time, at the Same Time

    •  Sharing work with classmates is easy and the ability for group members to all discuss and edit documents simultaneously. Students will be able to collaboratively Learn and Discuss any difficulties, all Visible and accessible to the teacher, as well as the ability to share multiple file types all in the one space.
  11.  Sway: Dynamic, interactive Web Canvas.
    • Sway can be used to assist in the content Layout and Presentation using intuitive design templates. It assists the author to make their documents and presentations appealing, stylish and easy to view.

    •   Sway also allows you to make Interactive Presentations, embed photos and web links and increase the appeal of a presentation’s design and layout.
  12. ​ Newsfeed: Follow other individuals in your Community.
    • With Newsfeed, you can see the posts of people you are following and you can ‘Tag’ each other in posts too. 

    • Great application for teachers to post Reminders to their classes. Teachers can Tag entire class groups by using hashtags (#). Students can also ask their teachers and fellow students questions by Tagging them in posts.
  13.  Delve: Collaborative workspace.
    • Delve shows your Documents no matter where they're stored in OneDrive for Business or SharePoint in Office 365, and through permissions, with others. Easily Save documents from your profile, or your co-workers for easy Access later. 

    •  Share documents and content between staff members. Emails are also Accessible, as well as notifications. In-app analytics also show what users most relevant to you are working on.
  14.  PowerApps: Easily Create new Windows apps.
    • PowerApps lets you create apps, both automatically through Step-by-Step guides and from scratch. They can be made with data from Outlook, Salesforce, Dynamics 365 and Excel.

    •  Teach students how to Generate apps. Use generated apps to create smart galleries, mailboxes, records and even control of other apps.
  15.  Flow: Create Automated Workflows between your Office 365 apps.
    • Flow allows you to receive Notifications, Synchronise files, and Collect data. Flow helps you to get the most of the 365 suite so you don’t miss a thing.

    • Synchronise your information between applications. Create workflows to reduce the time spent organising large mail-outs, or organise the way data is handled, both incoming or outgoing.
  16.  Dynamics 365: Increase Customer and Enterprise resource management.
    • Gain greater management of your resources with downloadable apps and app integration from Flow and Powerapps. Dynamics 365 is primarily designed for Sales and Service operations.
    •  With downloadable apps for sales, customer service, operations, financials, field services, project services and marketing, as well as integration with Adobe, LinkedIn, and a myriad of other services, the possibilities are endless.


If you have any questions, feel free to come to the 1 Degree desk and we will be happy to give you a tutorial on any of the suite of Office 365 applications available to you.