How do I use the projectors in the Senior School at PLC?


The Senior school building at PLC has motion activated AV controls. This FAQ provides an overview on how to operate them. 

  1. Turn on the Projector
    • Wave Hand over control panel screen.
    • Press Off/On switch to the right to turn on.
    • The projector is on when the circle and light globe icon are both lit up.

  2. Connect your device
    • To Connect your laptop to the projector, Plug In the HDMI Cord.

  3. Adjust the Audio
    • To change the sound and volume, open System Preferences, and open Sound.
    • Click on Output, and select EPSON PJ to connect to the projector.


  4. HDMI/PC 
    • The HDMI/PC will remain on the same settings from the previous user.
    • If image is not showing, Adjust HDMI to PC, or PC to HDMI, by Pressing the switch from left to right.

  5. Adjust the volume
    • The Volume will remain on the same settings as the previous user.
    • To Increase the Volume, press the Toggle to the right, and to the left to Reduce the volume.