Turnitin  allows you to set up a submission dropbox for students that will check all submissions for plagiarism. Simply follow this process to set one up.

  1. Ensure that you have an Active Turnitin  Account. If you need an account to be created for you, please email and ask for one to be created for you.
  2. Log in to Turnitin .

  3. Create a Class by pressing the green Add Class button.
    NB – if you are adding a second assessment to the same class you can skip to step 6.

  4. Set the Following and press Submit.
    Class Type - Standard
    Class Name – e.g. 8ENG4
    ​Enrolment Password – something simple to give to students
    Subject Area – select from drop down list
    Student Age – approximate age of students in your class
    End date – End of Winter Term for SS, end of Spring Term for MS
  5. You will be provided with a Class ID and Enrollment key. Take a note of these as your students will need them to enroll in your class.

  6. Click on Your Class in the list of classes.

  7. Press the green Add Assignment button.

  8. Enter the assignment Title, Start Date, and Due Date. Be sure to set the assignment to only accept file types that Turnitin  can Check for Originality.
  9. Click on Optional Settings.

  10. Set the following Optional Settings and press Submit.

    Allow submissions after due date: Yes
    Generate originality reports for sumissions: Yes
    Generate reports: Immediately (can overwrite reports until due date)
    Exclude bibliographic materials from similarity index: Yes
    Exclude quoted materials from similarity index: No
    Exclude small sources: Yes
    Exclusion threshold: 3%
    Allow students to see originality reports: Yes
    Submits papers to: Standard Paper Repository
    Search options: Select All

  11. Your assignment will now be Visible to students for submission when they log into Turnitin .

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