1. Plug in the USB Cord from the printer to the computer

  2. Turn the printer on by pressing the On Button on the side of the device.

  3. Open UPStudio on the computer.

    For the printer's first use of the day, it must be Initialised and Calibrated.
  4. Initialise the printer by selecting this button:

    Once the initalising is complete, the printer will beep and the platform will level.
  5. To Calibrate the printer, select the Calibrate button:

    Then select Auto Level and the printer will automatically calibrate. If the auto leveling is unsuccessful, the printer will need to be Manually Calibrated.
  6. Import a new image by selecting the '+' Sign, as shown below:

  7. Resize the image as necessary.
  8. To begin a print job, select the Printer Settings button:

  9. Select the preferred infill. 15% is the typical preference as shown below:



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