New search sources added to Oliver have to manually be added into the html template on LibGuides in order to be searched from the library.SCOTCH site.

  1. Right-click > Inspect the new search source on Federated Search page on and find the ID of the new source.
    eg. value="d1884162c0a816521c0cadb8000136d6"
  2. In LibGuides (library.SCOTCH), navigate to Customise Guide Templates and find 2_LIBRARY: Home Template - Senior.
    Navigation: Admin > Look and Feel > Page Layout > Guide > Customise Guide Template.
  3. Find the following code:
    <input id="searchtype" type="hidden" name="mode" value="FEDERATED">

  4. Add in an extra line for the new search source using the following code, replacing the value attribute with the source ID found in Step 1. The order the sources appear in here is the order they will appear in search so make sure to add the line in where appropriate.
    <input type="hidden" name="searchSourceUuid" value="#">
  5. Make sure to add a comment on the search source directly after the code snippet.
    <!- Search Source!>
  6. Save and repeat with more search sources if necessary.
  7. When you have finished adding new search sources to 2_LIBRARY: Home Template - Senior copy all the additions and add to 2_LIBRARY: Home Template - Middle if necessary.

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