SEQTA Creator is a set of tools that can be used to create visually engaging content on the cover page and online lessons for computers, laptops, tablets and phones. 

The biggest change to SEQTA is that it allows users to create content which is as similar as possible to the final product that students and parents will see. 

The main elements of the page are the Canvas (1) and the Pallette (2).


  1. To Create content, select which Module you would like from the Pallette, and Drag and Drop it to the canvas, an overview of what each module can do is available here.
    • Modules can be dragged onto the canvas above or below existing modules and can be moved up and down to suit your needs and to make sure that your job looks exactly the way you want it.
    • Configuration options for each module can be located in the top right of the module window, and can be Moved using the Up & Down Arrows; Edited using the Cog; and Deleted using the Trashcan. 
  2. To view the progress of your creation, although the Canvas gives a fairly accurate representation you can view exactly how parents and students will see this using the preview option picture below.

  3. If you are unable to view the SEQTA Creator modules this can be due to the fact that the menu is hidden on your screen, to bring up the Creator modules click the Grey Arrow on the right of the screen to bring back the modules. 

Should you have further questions about SEQTA Creator or wish to book in a PD session please contact the ILT Integrators or 1 Degree and we will be happy to facilitate this.

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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