A QR code is a machine-readable code, which can be used to store URL's and other information. This stored information can then be read and easily accessed by a camera or smartphone. There is a simple process to making a QR code using the internet. 

  1. Open the following link using your Web Browser.
  2. In this link select the tab which suits your purpose. To create a QR code of a website URL select the URL tab.

  3. Go to the webpage or YouTube video you wish to make into a QR code and Copy its URL. 

  4. Paste your website's URL into the box titled Enter URL and select Save.

  5. In the popup window - create a Filename, select a Format and then select Save.

  6. Your QR code will automatically download. To access your QR code open Finder , select Downloads and double-click your QR Code.

  7. Your QR code should appear similar to this and can be read by your smartphone by use of downloadable applications. 


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