Microsoft Outlook  allows for the user to set up rules in regards to where emails are stored once received. These are useful as you can define a rule that stores all emails from a certain person to a certain folder. Below are the steps you will take in order to setup such a rule.


  1. Open Microsoft Outlook .
  2. Click Outlook in the top left and then Preferences.

  3. Select Rules.

  4. Click on the + sign.

  5. Add your Conditions. These will need to be met in order for the email to be stored somewhere. For example, From is library@scotch. This rule will now only be initiated if an email from library@scotch is sent to you. If you have multiple conditions for one rule, All of the conditions must be met in order for the rule to be executed.
    1. Is refers to the exact spelling/email address entered.
    2. Contains refers to if the person sending/subject contains those words.

  6. Add the Do the Following section. This section will perform a process once the condition that you sent is met. For example, if an email is received from library@scotch, move it to the folder 'Library'.

  7. If needed, fill out the Except If section. This section adds another condition that if met, the rule will not be used. For example, if you want all emails from library@scotch to be sorted into one file, but, emails that have the subject as 'loan' into another folder, you can add a Except If rule that these are sorted under a different rule. 

  8. Click OK and now this rule has been implemented.
  9. If you have any trouble implementing your rules, please contact the Tech Centre.

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