Copying programmes is an efficient way for setting up new classes in SEQTA Teach for upcoming semesters or for the new academic year. Please note, that copying a programme to new classes is different to sharing a programme between existing classes. Below are steps to aid you in copying the programme.

  1. Open SEQTA Teach  under the Staff tab in home.SCOTCH

  2. Click on the Teaching Workspace tab.

  3. Find the Class from which you would like to Copy the programme.

  4. Click Load Programme .

  5. Click Edit Collaboration Settings.

  6. Select the class in the Collaborate further panel to which you will Copy the programme. You can select the specific timetable period rather than rely on the Automatic setting and type the code of the class (partial typing will quickly locate the class). Select the specific class you wish to copy to (it will be highlighted in blue).

  7. Click Copy.


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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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