How do I access my daughter's report on SEQTA Engage?


To access your daughter's academic reports, log in to Parent Connect, accessible from home.PLC. Parent Connect also contains test results and homework completion status which allows you to follow your daughter's academic achievements.


To view your daughter's academic grades:

  1. Open home.PLC and select the Parents tab from the menu bar.
  2. Click on SEQTA Engage.
  3. Sign in with your Parent Username and Password. If you are unsure as to what this is, look at this link: How to I change/reset my parent password?
  4.  Once logged in to Parent Connect, click on the Reports option in the left hand column.

  5. Select the student who's reports you wish to view by Clicking on it, and then select the report you would like to view.

  6. The report will then open in a new window where you can View or Download the report. 

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