The Raven is edited and published on WordPress. To log in head to: and sign in with your Scotch Username and Password.

There are 3 steps involved in the creation of each issue of The Raven:

  • Creating a New Issue
  • Adding Articles
  • Publishing

Part 1: Creating a New Issue

  1. From the dashboard find the sidebar item, Issues. Selecting this will give you the option to see All Issues or to Add New Issue. Select All Issues if you need to edit an existing issue, otherwise click Add New Issue.
  2. Fill in the Year and Season for the issue you are creating.
  3. Add a Feature Image if you have it available. Email to request new images.
    Note: The Feature Image will not be visible anywhere on the public site for the current issue.
  4. Make sure Status is Draft until you are ready to publish.
    You can set an issue to automatically publish on a given date or can manually change the status when ready.
    Note: Publish date affects where an issue will be positioned within the Past Issues tab. If you are adding in a past issue this date will need to be adjusted to be a relevant date.
  5. Save Draft. If you exit the page before saving the issue will not have been created.


Part 2: Adding Articles

  1. From the dashboard find the sidebar item, Articles. Selecting this will give you the option to see All Articles or to Add New Article. Select All Articles if you need to edit an existing article, otherwise click Add New Article.
  2. Fill in the Title field.
  3. Select an Issue to attach the article to.
    Note: Issues have to be created as per Part 1 before they are visible in the dropdown menu. If you cant find the relevant issue, make sure it exists by clicking Issues.
  4. Fill in the Author field and select the relevant year group.
  5. Select the article type. There are 2 choices, Text and Gallery, depending on what sort of content you are adding in.
    • Text
      1. Add or paste the article text in the main text box.
      2. If you text you are inserting is formatted incorrectly, click the Paste as Text button to clear all formatting.
      3. You can add extra format the text here as necessary (bold, italic, etc...)
      4. Ensure there are no extra empty lines between paragraphs.
    • Gallery
      1. If gallery is selected, click Add Media.
      2. From the sidebar select Create Gallery.
      3. Upload the images you want to include in the gallery.
      4. Fill in the Attachment Details fields: Name and Caption.
      5. Select all the images you want to include in the gallery. A tick will indicate that they are selected.
      6. Select Create New Gallery.
      7. In the Edit Gallery window set Columns to 4, Size to Thumbnail and Link To to Attachment page. You can also reorder the images here if required.
      8. Click Insert Gallery.
  6. If everything is finished, click Published.
    Note: Only issues need to be set to draft, articles can be published immediately.
  7. Repeat with remaining articles.


Part 3: Publishing

Once you have added all the articles you want to include in an issue it is time to publish.

  1. In the sidebar select Issues, then All Issues.
  2. Select the issue you wish to to publish. Recently added issues will always appear at the top.
  3. A list of all articles in the selected issue should be visible in the order in which they will appear in the issue.
  4. If you need to change the order of articles, simply click and drag to the desired spot.
  5. When everything is complete, click Publish to publish immediately or adjust the date to schedule a release date.


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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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