There are several ways to add documents to the Teaching and Learning site, depending on how you want them displayed.


Documents can be added to text boxes, FAQs or anywhere else on a page that is editable by using a hyperlink. Documents uploaded this way should be used sparingly as they will not always stand out to the end user unless it relates directly to area they are reading.

Adding documents inline can be done as follow:

  1. Click edit on the text box where your link be added.
  2. Click Add Media
  3. Select the Upload Media header and add the file you want to upload.
    Alternatively if the file is already uploaded for another reason, search the media library.
  4. Fill in the Attachment Details fields. The Title field will be the text given to your link.
    Ensure Attachment Display Settings link to Media File.
  5. Insert into page.

The process to adding documents to an FAQ item is identical.


Buttons can be used to for documents that you want to be more prominent.

To add a document as a button:

  1. Click on the + sign in the column you want the button to appear.
  2. From the list that elements, select File Download Button.
  3. Click Open Media Library and follow the steps as outlined above in Inline to select your document.
  4. Check the Force Download button if disable browser enable viewing of supported files.
  5. Click Save Changes.


Presentations and Publications

Each section has an assigned space for Presentations and Publication documents.

This section is only displayed if there are active files that relate to section.

A more detailed process to adding Presentations and Publications will be available soon.


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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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