If your USB shows up on your Mac, but you cannot save to it, it's most likely the Wrong Format, often due to being used on a Windows PC, or not being formatted for Mac in the first place.


  1. To be able to use this USB to save documents from your Mac, open the application Disk Utility .
  2. Choose the name of the USB.

  3. When reformatting a USB, you must erase all the data that was on it. If you do not wish to lose the data on it, STOP HERE. 

    If you would like to continue so you can use this on your Mac, press Erase, and choose MS-DOS (FAT32), before pressing Erase. By choosing this option the USB will be compatible with both Mac and Windows. 


After your USB has been reformatted, it will work on both Mac and Windows, solving the problem.​​

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