The PLC Auditorium has the capability to record presentations through the lectern and content displayed on the screen. 

  1. To turn the system on, Touch the Screen.


  2. You can then begin recording by pressing Record if all you require is audio and video of your presentation.

  3. The camera has four preset positions which can be changed through Camera:
    1. View of the Podium
    2. View of the Screen
    3. View of the Podium and Screen
    4. View of the Right Hand Side.

  4. If you want to project, select Projector from the top menu then press the input type you will be using (VGA, Airplay or HDMI). The screen will then drop and begin projecting. Volume can be adjusted from the Volume function on the Projector Page.


  5. If you wish to mute the microphone select Mic and then press the Mute Button.

  6. When you have finished recording, press Quit to stop recording. 
    • If you forget to end the recording, the system will stop recording 20 minutes after everyone has left the auditorium, when it senses no movement. (Note, it will still record if people are still in the auditorium).


  7. Settings will not need to be adjusted

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Tech Centre


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