This FAQ explains how to create a OneNote  Class Notebook.

  1. To create a Class Notebook, start by going to home.SCOTCH or home.PLC and click on the Office 365  tile.
  2. Log in using your School UID and Password.

  3. Open the Menu and select Class Notebook.

  4. Select Create a Class Notebook.

  5. Create the Notebook Name using the following format:

     Year Group   Subject Title   Class Code   Year   For example: Y09 English 9ENG6 2017

  6. The next step outlines the Notebook Overview. This summarizes who has access to each section of the notebook. When you are ready, click Next.

  7. Step three allows you to Add Another Teacher if you are Sharing this Class Notebook with other teachers. You can Add Teachers are added by entering their Name. When you are done, select Next.

  8. Step four allows you to Add the Students in your Class. Students can be added by entering their Email. The student email addresses can be added in bulk by using the Email Students feature in SEQTA Teach (TA). When you have added all of the students, click Next.

  9. This next step allows you to Design Student Spaces. There are four suggested sections for student spaces available, however there is also the option to add and customize new sections by selecting Add More. Once you are happy with the design, click Next.

  10. This final step allows you to Preview your Notebook. Before publishing your class notebook it is possible to, Preview it. You can view both the Teacher Notebook, and the Student Notebooks.
    Once you've completed this process, select Create to publish the Class Notebook.

  11. OneNote  will then set up the Class Notebook. This may take a few minutes.

  12. When the Notebook has been successfully Set Up, you will see a similar message as to the one shown below. At this time, All shared Students and Teachers will receive the Link via Email to the Class Notebook.

  13. All settings including shared teachers and students can be adjusted at a later date.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in contact with the Tech Centre, Scotch or PLC.

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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