As a parent, what can I find on Home.PLC?


Home.PLC is a portal for parents, students and staff with quick links to access information about the school. To access the parent portal of Home.PLC click the PARENT tab at the top of the page. 

The Home.PLC parent portal holds many links. Below is a short explanation for each link:



Ask.PLCScotch is a knowledge base for Library, and Information Learning Technology related questions. You can search a question or select a topic such as Library, Mail, Parents, Printing and more. The 'Parent' section is particularly helpful, with answers relating to your child's timetable, reporting, and medical information. 



This link will allow you to email PLC administration to provide details and confirmation of your child's absence from school. First, you will be required to select the Year Level of your child, this will then open an email using your default email provider to send to our absentee administrator. 


Assessment Archives


Assessment Archives is a knowledge base of past PLC assessments and exams. Students use these documents in preparation for upcoming assignments, tests, and examinations. Parents may find this link useful in exploring past PLC content relevant to their child's subject selection. 


Boarding Life

Reach Boarding @ PLC is a communication website for parents with daughters boarding at PLC. Parents can find out about daily attendance, student activities, leave and more. 



This link will direct you first to a selection of your daughter's year level and/or course (IB Diploma or WACE). Once you have selected the appropriate option you will be directed to the booklist for this year and course. Instructions on how to purchase the books are also included. 



This link will direct you to PLC's calendar. You can refine the calendar by Senior School or Junior School from the top selection. Here you will find upcoming school events and significant dates, colour coded according to event type. This includes Outdoor Education, Sport, Administration, Alumni, Events, Boarding and Wellbeing. 



Through Flexischools parents can add credit to smart-riders for use in the PLC canteen and cafe. Parents can log in using their PLC username and password. Learn more.



The PLC and Scotch Gallery is a collection of images, video and audio recordings taken at the Colleges. Here parents can search and find events and also upload their own images taken at the event. Events include assemblies, carnivals and sporting events, performances, tours and more. See more.


Library and Innovation 

This link will take you through to both the Senior and Junior School Library and Innovation Centres to find information and resources, and explore upcoming events, digital resources, referencing and learning links.



Co-Curricular Music will take Parents through to an informational webpage exploring Music curriculum, upcoming events, enrollments and calendars. This is also where the Pipe Band information is stored.


News and Events

This link will take you through to all previous and upcoming news and events. Search through previous Links Newsletters and Principal's News. You can also find news specific to different learning areas, including Personalised Learning, Wellbeing and Service, Boarding and more. 


Outdoor Education

Here you can find all information about Outdoor Education. Parents will find co-curricular options, awards, camps, permission forms and programmes for Outdoor Education. Parents can also use the search function to find specific information. 


Parent Voice

This link allows Parents to explore different support groups at PLC including Friends of Pipe Band, Friends of Music, Friends of Boarding, Argyle Club, Parents@PLC, Dads@PLC, Parents' Committee and Open Garden Day. 


SEQTA for Parents

SEQTA for Parents is where you will find your child's (or children's) timetable, results, reporting and teacher communication. To log into SEQTA for Parents use your PLC username and password. Learn more.

Password Reset

If you have forgotten your PLC Password click the link and follow the steps to reset your password. See more.



The PLC Web app will take you to the PLC Website. This presents information on Enrollments, Wellbeing, Learning, Community and more. This is also where you will find contact details for the school. 


PLC Courses

This weblink holds information on the current courses run at PLC. It provides information on the Year 7 to Year 10 program and information on the Year 11 and Year 12 programs - IB Diploma and WACE. There is extensive information on subject selection and details. 


Sports Co-Curricular

This page holds information on Term Sports and PLC and inter-school carnivals. You can select Junior School or Senior School and use the search function to find more information. 


School Interviews

During School Interviews here you can select and book your dates and times with your child's educators. You will be emailed a code to enter to log in to this service. 


Service Learning

Within this area, you will find information on PLC Service Learning including Whole School House Tutor Group, Service Immersion Tours and Service Leadership Awards. 


The Defining Project

Here you will find all information regarding the Defining Project. This is a six-month-long educational journey for Year 9 students. This site also includes information on the structure, vision, mission and goals of the Project. 


Should you have any further questions regarding Home.PLC, or would like to book in with 1 Degree for a more in depth overview of the systems and services available to you, please feel free to email or call us on 9424 6410 and a coach will be happy to assist you.